Client: Drimsynie Construction Ltd

Start Date: Febuary 2016

Duration: 5 Weeks

Drimsynie Holiday Village, Argyll

Carry out the safe demolition of the former indoor carpet bowls building

G & J Demolition Ltd was asked by our client to carry out the Soft Stripping of all internal fixtures and fittings, Hand divorce between the building to be demolished and the adjacent building, Demolition of building, Removal of Floor Slab and Foundations, Infilling of any voids to remove trip hazards etc and the removal of all arising’s from site, Concrete/Brick/Block material was transported to the local quarry where it was crushed and left on site for clients use.

The building was located on a Live holiday village which required Careful planning in order that there was no disruption to the holiday park. A detailed traffic management plan was developed and daily communication between the client and the G & J Demolitions Site Supervisor.

Operatives carefully carried out the safe hand divorce between the two buildings and once complete a 30t demolition spec excavator was used to carry out the safe demolition of the building.


The project was completed successfully to the client’s standard, safely and on time.